The company operates a modern fleet of over 80 trucks with a gross carry weight of 44 and 46 tonnes. This fleet includes ADR / Safe Pass vehicles for the carriage of Dangerous goods as required under the ADR regulations and the Irish Petroleum Industry Association regulations. The fleet also has non ADR vehicles for transport of non hazardous goods.

All ADR vehicles are equipped with on board food grade compressors to facilitate the safe and uncontaminated discharge of the consignments being carried. All vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking providing vital information on positioning as well as fuel consumption adhering to our commitment to a greener environment.


All chassis within the fleet are built to ADR specification. They have a DOE certificate along with a valid ADR certificate. They are capable of carrying either 20ft, 23ft 30ft or 33ft tank containers.

40ft – 45ft Chassis

All are built to ADR regulation and carry an ADR certificate. These chassis are capable of carrying 1 x 40ft box container, 1x 45ft box container, 2 x 20ft empty tank containers or 1 x 30ft empty tank container.

Tipping Chassis

All tipping chassis are built to ADR specification and carry a valid DOE certificate along with an ADR certificate. The tipping chassis is designed to carry a 20ft tank container which requires extreme elevation in order to discharge the product.

Road Tankers

The company operates road tankers for both the chemical and food industries. Some of the chemical road tankers are rubber-lined for the carriage of specific dedicated products. All carry both DOE and ADR certificates. Food grade road tankers are also operated by the company and vary in sizes; all carry a valid DOE certificate.

Fuel Tankers

Our fleet of fuel tankers have 6 compartments enabling the simultaneous delivery of different fuels to station forecourts. They carry a valid ADR certificate and a Safe Pass Loading Certificate.

Tank Containers

South Coast operates ISO tank containers for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Their sizes range from of 17,500lts to 35,000lts.


These trailers provide the ability to unload the products via the side curtains. Their dimensions include 2.6mtr internal height with 13.6mtr internal length.

 Essential Maintenance Support

All of our maintenance is carried out by our sister company Specto

  • Specto provide us with a full fleet maintenance service for all our trucks, tanks, chassis and equipment.
  • Specto also provide full out of hours service for our fleet and emergency maintenance.

Our technical specialists not only use their know-how for maintaining but also to develop equipment to assist the loading / discharging techniques. We are not only able to equip vehicles with the correct compressors, pumps, or pipe-work, but we are continuously active in pushing our equipment to an even higher quality standard.