South Coast Logistics has vast experience in the movement of both Hazardous and Non Hazardous waste.

The company holds both a National Waste Collection Permit and a UK Waste Collection Permit which permits collection of waste from any county in Ireland, Northern Ireland and mainland UK.

Under the permit we the company is permitted to transport practically all EWC codes to a wide range of facilities both in Ireland and Internationally.

This enables customers to select a suitable disposal or treatment facility while South Coast responds quickly to their needs.

Click here to view the company’s National Waste Collection Permit and a UK Waste Collection Permit.

What we can do for you

South Coast Logistics can provide a complete logistical service for waste transportation, both nationally and internationally in modes such as the following:

Road Tankers and Tank Containers

  • For bulk liquids.
  • Stainless Steel tankers.
  • Lined tanks for low pH products.
  • Baffled and compartmental tanks for various volumes.


  • For packed waste such as IBC’s, FIBC’s, drums, boxes etc

Box Containers (various sizes)

  • Used for International transport and the transport of waste goods that require a sheeted vehicle.

Bulk Tippers

  • For transporting sludge products.
  • For transporting bulky loose material.

Pumping and Clean Up

  • We can supply pumps and equipment to empty bunds and cross pump as may be required.